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Priceless Service

The LCS Way

Our Financial Services division provides many valuable services, both internally and externally. One of the main functions within the LCS Group is to oversee the in-house Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance scheme and comprehensive vehicle insurance for the extended fleet. Our Financial Services division thoroughly understands the logistics industry and therefore we provide an unsurpassed level of professional service.

We understand that vehicle productivity is key and we assist wherever we can to keep our fleet as productive as possible. At LCS Logistics we offer our dedicated transport service providers the benefit of advancement of funds due to them, in cases of legitimate emergencies, especially in instances of unplanned maintenance or vehicle breakdowns. LCS offers transporters access to early payment terms, enabling them to resolve any vehicle related problems to prevent the loss of further income for the month.

LCS Financial Services is registered with:

National Credit Regulator -

Asset Finance

Logistics and road transport businesses are asset intensive and require large upfront investments to be successful. LCS Financial Services understands and supports entrepreneurs in this space. Our host of services are available to SME’s in the transport sector and allow aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

For more information on our asset finance loans, please contact our office on 021 553 0442 or send an email to

Goods In Transit / Risk Solutions

Any fleet operator will know and understand the importance of managing the risks of the road. Unforeseen events can be devastating to small businesses. At LCS Financial Services we oversee a unique risk management solution to give fleet owners peace of mind when it comes to their clients’ product, and their own assets.

Contact us today and find the most suitable product for you. You can call our office on 021 553 0442 or send an email to

Short Term Bridging Finance

LCS Financial Services provides short-term bridging finance, also known as Invoice Discounting or Factoring, through a dedicated fund to all registered LCS Logistics service providers. At LCS Financial Services, we understand the challenges faced by small businesses and we aim to provide access to funds within a 48-hour turnaround time and enable our service providers to grow and thrive.

Application Procedure For Bridging Finance Forms and supporting documents to be completed and submitted by all applicants:

  1. Complete and sign our application forms (x4)
  2. Copies of Company/CC Registration Documents (CIPC documents)
  3. Copies of ID’s for all Directors/Members
  4. Proof of Banking Details (Cancelled cheque or Bank Letter)
  5. Click on the links below to download our application forms:
  6. Schedule to Memorandum of Agreement
  7. Memorandum of Agreement
  8. Resolution - CC
  9. Suretyship

When you are satisfied that you have correctly completed the application forms and all of the relevant documentation is included, you can email it to

Note that by signing these documents, you are certifying that all information provided therein is complete and true in all respects.

For more information on the application process, please contact our office on 021 553 0442.