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Committed & Focussed

As with all our activities, we employ a holistic approach; this applies equally to sustainability. The LCS Group believes that long-term sustainability does not happen by chance. Rather, it requires commitment to and investment in a range of fundamental building blocks. Consequently, we invest in key initiatives that together, enhance our long-term sustainability.

Safety & RTMS

Safety is a non-negotiable at LCS and we spend significant resources in ensuring that our impeccable safety record remains intact.

We have adopted RTMS (Road Transport Management System) as our official safety and quality management system and we have achieved full RTMS accreditation, since 2012. For more information on RTMS, please refer to

RTMS Certificate of Registration (.PDF)

Green Initiatives

We fully acknowledge that certain business activities can have a significant impact on the environment. As a result, we design and implement environmental management systems to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of our businesses. These processes form an integral part of our quality management systems. The following are a few examples of our Green approach:

We make extensive use of technology within our expanded vehicle fleet in order to ensure that our routes are optimised and that we reduce any unnecessary mileage to the bare minimum.

Through our commitment to RTMS we ensure that we load all our vehicles as accurately as possible. We prevent overloading to curb any damage we may cause to the national road infrastructure, but we also avoid under-loading, which ultimately results in more vehicles being needed to move the same volume of product.

At our main depot in Heidelberg we erected a water recycling facility to make optimal use of this scarce resource.

We are currently involved in several solar energy projects aimed at capitalising on the one resource we are blessed with in this beautiful country – sunshine. Through this unique service offering we are able to augment our customer’s electricity supply, while reducing their reliance on the National grid.

Geographical Footprint

The LCS Group delivers services and solutions throughout Southern Africa. Our Head Office is situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng, with satellite offices/depots in Durban (Bayhead Road), Richards Bay, Germiston, Newcastle, Camperdown, Delmas, Kuruman, Brits and Hoopstad.

Corporate Responsibility

LCS invests in corporate citizenship initiatives to the benefit of our stakeholders, the local community where we operate and the environment. We believe that we are in a privileged position to operate at our current level in a very competitive industry and therefore we are proud to give back to the communities whose lives we touch on a daily basis.

Through our formal Enterprise Development Programme, we have empowered and enabled various asset based businesses, ranging from transport service providers, wash bay operators, convenience store owners, depot and refuelling operators to name but a few.

Through our programme we identify suitable candidates and assist them through the process of drafting business plans and obtaining finance, but more importantly, we also provide a framework for these entrepreneurs to operate in, which greatly enhances their chances for success.

We also take pride in continually assisting and supporting the following worthy causes on a monthly or annual basis: