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Welcome to LCS Fuels

LCS Fuels is a fuel wholesaler with an unparalleled ability to offer differentiated value chain solutions and is a force to be reckoned with in the commercial petrochemical industry of South Africa. Our mandate is customer-focused, conformation to global HES standards and the constant quest for provision of top-class quality products and services.

Our success in business is based on 4 key principles viz: quality, service, innovation and affordability. Our products and services are diverse in nature and are tailor made to suit each customer’s needs and requirements.

LCS Fuels Depots

We have a national business footprint that was developed by providing unsurpassed fuel service support to our customers in the transport, mining, construction, manufacturing, marine and agricultural commercial business sectors.

The company renders its fuel products and services to customers through its 10 (and growing) depots in South Africa and Botswana. The depots are strategically located on major routes in Heidelberg, Delmas, Hoopstad, Newcastle, Camperdown, Durban, Richards Bay and Gaborone with fuel dispensing equipment that ensures fast and accurate refuelling of vehicles and machinery with minimization of fuel spillages for safe guarding of our environment. LCS Fuels adheres to global SHEQ standards that ensure safety to our customers, personnel and the environment.

Quality Product Offering

LCS Fuels is a branded Caltex distributor of petroleum products with a business relationship that spans over 20 years. We only procure 50 ppm diesel from Caltex to ensure that quality is always maintained and is thus passed on to our customers.

All our depots are equipped with a fuel filtration system that helps to monitor quality, impurities and presence of water in the diesel. Fuel filtration plays a key role to maintain high performance engine levels and compliance with stringent emissions regulations. Clean fuel helps minimize expensive repairs and unplanned downtime and thereby saving costs for our customers.

LCS Fuel Tanker Fleet (Tipper-Tankers)

LCS Fuels collects diesel directly from refineries in Durban and Cape Town using its own fleet of novel tipper-tankers. The fleet of trucks is certified and meets all safety standards and accreditations. Each tanker in capable of carrying a diesel load of 39 300 litres or 29.5mt of commodity product, at a time. All vehicles are equipped with offloading pumps and provides our customers with the ability to link their export loads with cost effective return loads.

Product Security

LCS Fuels’ diesel delivery trucks are equipped with cameras that capture live footage when the trucks are in transit and during the decanting of the product into storage tanks. This technology assists in by curbing product theft and it ensures that remedial actions are taken immediately, should the product be unofficially tampered with.

Financial Support

LCS Fuels offers limited financial assistance to customers whose need is to secure the risk of their account by means of a guarantee.


LCS Fuels senior management is highly qualified and the staff have extensive experience in the commercial fuel industry of Southern Africa. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.

Contact us today. Our Managing Director, Joe Siyoko, will be able to assist with all your commercial needs.


Joe Siyoko

Managing Director

LCS Fuels
c: 071 608 9452
p: 016 340 4953

c/o Stasie & Meyer Street Heidelberg, Gauteng 1441
GPS Coordinates
S 26° 31' 2" & E 28° 22' 11"

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