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Priceless Service

The LCS Way

The Bay Shipping Team boasts extensive experience within the Shipping industry and with us you will not just become a number. You will be satisfied by a personalised, hands-on customer experience, that is synonymous with the LCS Way!

Clearing & Forwarding

Bay Shipping is a target driven company and our success lies in our professionalism and our ability to identify with our customers’ individual needs. Our service offering is then tailored to satisfy these specific needs, on a continuous basis. Our planning, scheduling and execution is quick and accurate and we keep our customers informed throughout the entire process, through streamlined and efficient communication.

We draw our expertise from a group of experienced staff members whose responsibility it is to develop services in line with global trends in our industry. From years of representing our customers as Clearing & Forwarding agents, our staff has developed the necessary competence and that is combined with a keen interest in your business and a good working relationship with your team.

Aside from managing the clearing documentation, Bay Shipping undertakes to reduce and minimise your commercial risk by coordinating the interaction between your many service providers and supply chain partners. Our main objective is to protect the interest of your company at all times.

Over the years, Bay Shipping has developed a deep understanding and knowledgebase on various Bulk and Break Bulk products. We therefore also offer additional services, above and beyond the specific shipping duties, to ensure the integrity of your cargo at all times.

With Bay Shipping your company will be assured of a world class service and through our partnership, we will strive to make every Import / Export venture a resounding success!

For a breakdown of services and to discuss a tailored scope of work, please feel free to contact our office.

Vessel Port Agency

Nominated Charterers Agent

Bay Shipping provides services covering all cargo and general logistical needs, including managing the administration process to conclude the Port stay of the vessel accurately, promptly and successfully. We work hand in hand with Local or International authorities, acting for and behalf of Charterers, based on the customised and agreed scope of our appointment.

Owners Agency

Comparable with the scope of services provided as a Charterers Agent, this function focusses on the specific requirements of the Vessel Owner, as opposed to the Charterer.

Owners Protecting Agency

This scope of work covers all areas of the vessel movements inside the Port, focussing on the specific owner requirements. Bay Shipping will oversee and report on all operational needs of the vessel, combined with accurate administration and record keeping for verification of Owners Port stay requirements.

Owners Husbandry Agency

Bay Shipping will cover all Ship to Shore needs, including attending to the special requirements of the crew, while in Port. In this regard we provide a range of services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Brokerage / Ocean Freight Broker

Recognising the variety of products handled in South African ports and the associated risks and complexities with their Import and Export, we professionally assist our customers in all Shipping related aspects.

Bay Shipping acts as shipping brokers, specialising in dry cargo. We work exclusively with industry leading vessel operators and reputable charterers, providing a quality service at competitive rates.